HeavyMetal Aero

HeavyMetal Aero 1.6

HeavyMetal Aero is the Official advanced aerospace vessel design program (See all)

As you've come to expect from all of the HeavyMetal programs, HeavyMetal Aero gives you all the tools to design, including custom weapon design, manufacturer and model of equipment information, professional quality record sheets and Technical Readouts (both with pictures, if desired). All available weapons and equipment are included, and are updated as more are published. A Selection utility assists in choosing vessels for games, full mixed arms BattleForce2 printouts and support is included, and much, much more!
Three rule sets are included: AeroTech2, BattleSpace and AeroTech, and appropriate record sheets are printed for each gaming system.
With HeavyMetal Aero, you will have all the designs from Record Sheets: AeroTech2 and many, many more. Also included, in addition to over 40 logos, are over 860 vessel designs, including custom designs submitted by HeavyMetal Aero users. Over 270 high-resolution pictures of the designs are included as well, and can be printed on TROs, etc.

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